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I was in trouble. After searching for over two years, my sweetheart, the love of my life, had found the “perfect” ring, the thing she wanted most for a Valentine gift. Unfortunately, I was out of town. By the time I returned, the road show had moved on and the ring was gone; or so my sweetheart feared. When she gave me your company’s business card, she added that it was pointless because, even if it had not been sold, I could not buy it via a phone call. The next day I contacted the sales representative, Rafi, who had shown her the ring. He could not have been more personable or professional. He understood my situation and need to have THAT ring for Valentine’s Day. He was most cooperative in coordinating our schedules to complete the transaction and make this, to quote her, “the most wonderful Valentine’s Day ever”. Mere words are insufficient to thank you, Rafi, for making me a hero in my sweetheart’s eyes instead of a zero.
W. Oleson – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


I was in the Costco Canoga Park warehouse today. Your company was having a road show there. I was helped by Marlon, a wonderful man. What I liked the most about Marlon, was that he was attentive, NOT pushy, helpful, proud of the merchandise that he was representing, very pleasant, and honest. I purchased two items today.  

Please let your company CEO and Marlon know that I love my bracelets.

Marlon is a keeper and he should be recognized for this.

- CT, Canoga Park



Friday, October 30, I purchased a silver ring at the East Wenatchee Costco store.  It is so beautiful that I just had to say, "Thank  You" for making such quality jewelry available to our small community. This is something that I would imagine finding in an exclusive boutique in a large city.  The saleslady was so pleasant and helpful and you jewelry  was so stunning that I wanted one of each but had to settle on one ornate silver ring.  Come back to East Wenatchee soon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Linnea R., Alabama

WOW!  I purchased a silver laser cut ring from the Costco in Peoria, AZ and can't boast enough about how pleased I am. A lovely piece of jewelry. Hoping this stays in good condition for MANY years!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Tammy S., Arizona


Dear Artune,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my amazing experience with Artune Jewelry and the wonderful sales representative, Robin Michelle, I met at the Everett, WA Costco this past weekend.  First of all, your jewelry is gorgeous.  My eyes immediately landed on a beautiful, three stone, green quartz, silver bracelet.  I tried it on and Robin Michelle remarked how the bracelet was one of her favorite pieces.  I was struck by how friendly and outgoing and easy to talk to Robin Michelle was.  She didn't pressure me to make a purchase, but she was there to answer my questions, make recommendations, and provide insight to the Artune company.  I recently bought myself a necklace and didn't want to splurge on another new piece of jewelry.  A rare thing for me, especially because I am so picky about green stones and gems, that to have found a piece I loved, was not in my character to pass up.  I thought to myself I would look for it online and buy it when I "deserved" it. 
I was at Costco when it was closing and I ran into Robin Michelle on the way out.  She informed me the bracelet had just been sold to a woman who came to her booth right after me.  I thanked her for her assistance that night and again thought I would look for it online.
To my dismay, when I got home and checked online, the bracelet was nowhere to be found.  I was in shock.  How could it not be there?  Even though Robin Michelle told me she sold the bracelet, I showed up to Costco right when it opened the next morning.  I rushed to the Artune table where I (im)patiently waited to talk to Robin Michelle.  She was being the genuine, outgoing woman that she is and was wrapped in conversation with a couple and their three (3) boys.  She asked friendly questions and answered their questions and seemed more like an old friend than a pushy saleswoman.  I finally got my chance to talk to Robin Michelle.  I told her I was there the night before, looking at the green quartz bracelet and I knew she told me she sold it, but did she have any more and if not, how could I go about getting one.  I explained I looked online and could not find it.  Robin Michelle looked at my slyly, with raised eye brows and said "I told you you wouldn't find it online, he only does one of a kind jewelry and doesn't make multiple replicas."  I was defeated and in disbelief.  Robin Michelle then informed me she had one more of the beautiful, three stone, green quartz, silver bracelets.  I was elated!  She looked in her inventory and produced the jaw dropping piece.  To say it made my day, is an understatement.  She then made recommendations, but did not pressure me, about possible earrings to match.  
Not only did I get an amazing piece of jewelry, but I truly feel like I made a friend in Robin Michelle.  It was clear to me that she loves the product.  She knew exactly where a piece was that she could suggest or offer to a customer and she had an explanation for the artistry of every piece.  What struck me about her was her ability to draw in each potential customer, no matter what their age was, and make them feel special in the attention she gave them.  I saw her talk to a 12 year old to a 33 year old (me) to a woman in her 60's and she gave us all the same treatment.  She wasn't trying to peddle or push, she was there to share her passion for the jewels with like minded jewelry lovers to young kids who just knew a piece was "pretty and shiny."  
I got to talking to Robin Michelle and she made it clear to me that she not only loves the jewelry, but the owners and artists of Artune as well.  She used glowing words like "awesome, incredible artists, raw talent, amazing people," to describe you.  It was clear to me her loyalty to Artune could not be shaken.  She was there because she loved the jewelry and the people she worked for.  I was active duty Navy for five (5) years and had a door of revolving supervisors (such is the Navy life with rotations).  Of the dozens of bosses I had, there are only two (2) I would have done anything for and followed onto the next duty station if I could have.  I know Robin Michelle would do anything for her bosses and  follow them anywhere and I know how special and rare that is.  You truly have your very own gem in Robin Michelle.  I can't say enough about Robin Michelle and how she made my Artune experience one to remember.  When I wear my new bracelet, I will look at it, smile, and remember how it came into my possession.  I will think about my friend, Robin Michelle, and how she made my introduction to Artune a shiny, wonderful, happy experience.  You are lucky to have such a terrific person and woman as a representative of Artune.
And if you get the urge to make any more pieces of jewelry with green quartz, I know a potential, and probable, buyer! Thank you for your time.  Have a great day.
Kim Kesselman

Just wanted to thank you one more time for your assistance.  I received my neclaces and absolutely love them!

Thank you so much!

-  Victoria D. , Los Feliz, CA